Isn’t it just wonderful that you can get a complete collection of the Inspector Morse book series written by Colin Dexter? We couldn’t agree more!

We hope you enjoy our brief summaries of five of the thirteen books just to give you a tantalizing taste of what a real murder mystery can offer you. We can’t tell you every detail but at least we can provide you with some intrigue and mystery…

Book 1 – The Last Bus To Woodstock

In Oxford, you would never consider hitching a ride late at night might result in you being sexually assaulted and murdered. It is now up to Inspector Morse to chase down the clues to find out how this happened to Sylvia Kay before tragedy strikes again.

Book 2 – Last Seen Wearing

For over two years, Valerie Taylor has been missing but to her parents’ surprise, they receive a letter from her. Inspector Morse believes she is dead but who and why would someone forge this letter? Morse is used to dealing with dead bodies but it won’t be too long before he gets a new body to inspect.

Book 3 – The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn

Nicholas Quinn has been appointed to the Foreign Examinations Board. Inspector Morse finds he has an array of suspects after Quinn is fatally poisoned. Despite several difficulties, Inspector Morse fervently digs up hidden secrets before it’s too late to find Quinn’s killer.

Book 4 – Service of All The Dead

Morse discovers not one but two murders at a nearby church. Who would kill a church vicar? As Morse investigates, he uncovers the vicar’s disturbing secrets of lust and a wondering flock as the number of murders begins to increase.

Book 5 – The Dead of Jericho

When Anne Stavely, a music teacher, is discovered hanging in her kitchen, Morse embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind her tragic suicide.