Car Hire Companies in Oxford You Can Trust

Whether you’re traveling from afar or just from a neighboring county, rest assured when you’re in Oxford, there are companies you can call on to get you around the city. If you’re visiting family or simply just here to cruise through the countryside, reputable car hire companies are at your disposal.

As long as you’re over the age of 25 and have a valid driver’s license, you can hire a car no matter where you are in the country. Below, we have highlighted the top car hire companies you can use while visiting Oxford. Each is well-known for outstanding service and good value for money!

Avis Car Hire

Everybody knows who and what Avis is. They are known throughout the world as one of the leading car hire companies. Avis is open six days a week from 8am until 6pm but that certainly doesn’t stop them from providing you with the service you need.

Even if you need a car from the London Heathrow Airport to get yourself to Oxford, you can just hop on to the shuttle bus to the central Heathrow Avis car hire station nearby. Alternatively, they can also just pick you up from the airport!

What’s On Offer

Avis has super discounts for those in the United Kingdom who need a reliable ride for a few days. All customers in the UK have access to the Avis Select Series car range which differs depending on where exactly you are in the country. But, you can still get excited about possibly driving the latest BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, or even the Toyota C-HR Hybrid Dynamic!

Even after your booking is finalized and you decide you’re not happy with your car choice, you can switch cars at the nearest Avis car hire station. It is only an additional charge if you require a car with extra modifications.

Avis is known to upgrade their cars twice a year. This ensures every customer not only has everything of the best but their safety is the number one priority of Avis at all times. The same can be said about Apex Luxury Car Hire which covers all of the UK and especially London.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

This car hire company has been around since the 50s. Its founder, Jack Taylor, named the company after the airplane carrier he worked on during World War II called USS Enterprise. Jack built Enterprise Rent-a-Car from the ground up. He had a dream and so he began his business with only seven cars at first.

What’s On Offer

It’s best you always book in advance and online in order to get the best deals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a people-carrier, 4×4, hatchback, or something fancier. There is a bargain for everyone!

This is a company which is fervent in sustainability and finding innovative and research-driven solutions for car rental services in future years to come.

Two of the best car hire companies available for your traveling needs in Oxford! If you want to travel to a more exotic place like the United Arab Emirates, you should visit Dubai with a stylish Maserati!