How Inspector Morse Changed Oxford

Dating back thousands of years, the narrative mystery genre is one which has captivated book lovers worldwide. The stories within this genre are nothing short of the puzzling discoveries of clues, cliff-hanger chapters, suspense, horror, terror, and so much more.

Narrative Mystery Genre Breakdown

The genre has been categorized into two parts; ghostly tales and the stories of mystifying obscurity. The ghostly tales date back to the ancient times forming most of what we today refer to as folk literature.

One of the most famous writers whose work we frequently look to in the 21st-century is that of Edgar Allan Poe. He was one particular writer who was part of making mystery stories greater than ever in the 19th-century. His books, at the time, went further than the usual methodical madness and haunted houses.

Stories which only posed as obscure and complex riddles have been traced back to the biblical era. That’s not to say the Egyptians or Greeks didn’t take a bite from the mysterious and tantalizing apple from the fruit tree of this literary genre.

Most mystery novels present readers with an eerie situation, a handful of cryptic clues, and an ending to the story which clears everything up yet still remains baffling and brilliant. But, we can’t ignore all the other types of mysteries, namely; sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, horrors, and the list goes on…

Introducing Inspector Morse to the City of Oxford

Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse book series, revolutionized Oxford in a way which people would never imagine. Since his passing in 2017, people have often referred to him as the man of the real city.

Much of the fictional character, Inspector Morse, pleasures in life was a reflection of Colin himself. Just like Morse, Colin loves a good beer, classical music, and reveled in perplexing crossword puzzles while sitting at a corner of the Randolph Hotel bar in Oxford.

The city has experienced a large and positive impact from the thrillingly successful written works of Colin Dexter. His fictional mysteries were strewn against the historical backdrop of Oxford which led thousands of people worldwide to the beautiful English city.

Who Inspector Morse Was Named After

The detective was named after Sir Jeremy Morse, the former chairman of Lloyds Bank and one of Britain’s ingenious crossword puzzle solvers. Colin could not think of anyone more enigmatic to inspire his chintzy main character. A vast majority of the mystery books characters were named after the crossword puzzle top dogs of the Observer, a British newspaper created in 1791.

Sir Jeremy’s sheer brainy brilliance was exactly what Colin needed to make his character one of the most intriguing detectives of all time. It is quite ironic that Inspector Morse’s love for good beer may have also been attributed to Sir Jeremy’s family owned brewery in his younger days before he became a banker.

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