The Inspector Morse Trivia Facts You Wish You knew!

We all have our favorite memories of the things we love the most. This is even more so when we know interesting things about our favorite book or TV series like Inspector Morse. We decided to round up a few quirky facts about places in Oxford used as the backdrop for the TV series and some other cool stuff too!

Radcliffe Square

Do you remember seeing the Radcliffe Square in the two episodes; The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn and The Daughters of Cain?

Well, we do and we’ll tell you why…

The square was named after a former student of the Oxford University. You’re probably wondering how smart this student was like we initially wondered too. Yet, it goes further than just ingeniousness. The student, John Radcliffe, became the King’s doctor and later left a handsome sum to the university itself. Ah, now that makes a bit more sense!

The Randolph Hotel

It is impossible not to know where and how this Oxford hotel fits into the Inspector Morse series. First of all, it’s Inspector Morse’s favorite watering hole. Secondly, this is where Colin Dexter, the author, got his storyline ideas from and where he chose to spend his free time in the hotel bar solving crossword puzzles.

Besides the appearance of the hotel in The Wolvercote Tongue, the history of the hotel dates back to the 19th-century. It was named after the Oxford University benefactor, Dr. Francis Randolph.

Little Did We Know…

Many movies or TV series based on the stories of books undergo production without the input of the author these days. This is not the case for Inspector Morse though.

His creator, Colin Dexter, was a part of the production process as a consultant from start to finish. He also appeared in several cameos throughout the TV series and was often spotted in scenes as a pub drinker at the Randolph Hotel.

As we know, most of the characters in the stories were named after the clever crossword puzzle solvers in Britain. However, some of the characters acquired their identities from Oxford street names. Yes, we’re talking about the streets in north Oxford where Colin Dexter lived.

John Thaw was more than the just the lead character in the Inspector Morse TV series. He managed to convince Colin to change the car model Morse used in his books. It comes as no surprise that Inspector Morse was known to drive a Lancia in the early publication of the books but that changed after Thaw reasoned with Colin. Later publications of the books and throughout the TV series, Morse is seen driving a Jaguar.

It would be a shame if we didn’t end this off with a twist. The theme music for the TV series has opening notes of the word ‘Morse’ in actual Morse code which has been changed accordingly so that we can enjoy it of course!